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October 17, 2023

Wednesday 10/18/2023

Thank you everyone for making Saturday such a special day!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm
November 18 (Saturday 6-?)
Our Biggest Event Every Year!

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today we hit “Fast and Heavy,” the first workout programmed on CrossFit’s mainsite 010210.

Shoot to complete the thrusters in 1-3 sets, with the round of 21 done in 2:30 or less.

You should have the first run done in under 2:30 for 5:00 max time on the first round.

Today offers a chance to work on thruster mechanics with the DBs at fast paces and under fatigue.

Note that the title is FAST and heavy, so ensure you scale both the thruster load and run distance to meet today’s stimulus.

We’ll work through some hollow rock holds after the workout.

Metcon Of the Day

For time:
21 DB thrusters (35/50 lb)
400-m run
18 DB thrusters
400-m run
15 DB thrusters
400-m run
– Use two DBs.

Accessory Of the Day

On a 5:00 clock:
Accumulate 3:00 total minutes of hollow holds
*Scale to a variation that allows for :20+ holds at a time.
Rest as needed.

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