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September 20, 2023

Wednesday 09/20/2023

Hybrid Hours & Athletic Club Hours Start Monday!
Details to gain 24 hour access ("Hybrid Access")
Soft Roll Out This Week
If you want hybrid club or hybrid CrossFit access talk to wade!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 7 (Saturday)
Charlotte Athlete Shoulder Workshop
October 14 (Saturday)
Member Appreciation Cocktail Event
Abberly Noda Vista Apt Home's
Club House
October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm
This is a deep comprehensive discussion on what it takes to meet your goals!
Come learn and ask question about how to get the results you have always dreamed about! We will talk how nutrition works, discuss how and why CrossFit works, and answer ALL your questions!
Come ask "what does it take to get a pull up?", "What is creatine and should I take some?", "Do I need protein shakes?", "Do CrossFit shoes really make a difference?", "what's the deal with weight belts?", "how many days a week should I be working out", "what's the best way to gain flexibility", "what does it take to lose fat?" ANYTHING FITNESS, NUTRITION, or anything its all fair game!


What is the purpose?
In CrossFit we use benchmarks to demonstrate to ourselves how our hard works has been paying off. These are some of the only WODs that we ever repeat. Sometimes we repeat Benchmark WODs every 6 or 12 months to gauge progress as a GPP program (General Physical Preparedness Program), sometimes at the end of a programming cycle to see how that cycle has helped us improve, and we sometimes repeat a benchmark within the same cycle! When we repeat a benchmark a few weeks after doing it, we are not expecting to see dramatic improvement in time or load but rather we are using the benchmark as a training tool. The paradigm shifts and now the bench mark can be used to fix mistakes in the previous attempt, but for most people it is about PUSHING to shave a few seconds off. After all intensity is what gets results. By repeating benchmarks in quick succession we are aiming to help you push yourself, increase intensity, and see even more progress on your fitness journey!

Log your benchmarks!
Beyond The White Board (BTWB) is free for you and is a really cool program! (the web version has even more offerings than the app) Logging your results is hands down the best way to visualize your results. Not logging is the equivalent of climbing a mountain and only looking at your feet and never looking back to see how far you have come. Plus it allows you to annotate how you did the workout especially benchmarks! how you broke up the reps and any modifications, and I even log what I ate and how I slept and my mood that day because those will all need to be accounted for the next time I attempt to beat my times.

Whiteboard Of the Day

This gymnastics couplet has one partner working at a time to get through the three rounds as fast as possible.

The toes-to-bars must be done in sets of 5 or more; scale to knees-to-armpits or hanging knee raises if you are unable to maintain the kip.

There should never be more than :05 of rest on the floor between wall walk reps. Partners may switch after completing 2 or more reps.

For anyone unable to ascend the wall, shorten the range of motion or substitute inchworms. All others should strategize accordingly or reduce their volume to 3 or 4 reps/round.

Each round should take between 3:00-5:00; adjust the movements as needed to complete the first round in under 4:00 to account for fatigue.

Skill Of the Day

40 alternating handstand shoulder taps
Stomach facing the wall
Rx+ is 100 reps

Metcon Of the Day

Never ever worry about being the slower partner or holding a partner back, that is NOT how partner workouts work! Partner WODs are designed to be equally tough for both partners. I could do this with my 76yo mother and we would both work are butts off to finish the 3 rounds together and my mother has not worked out as long as I've known her which is only like 29 years.
3 rounds for time with a partner:
40 toes-to-bars
12 wall walks
One athlete works at a time. Athletes may alternate as they see fit.

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