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June 28, 2023

Wednesday 06/28/2023


Stimulus Of the Day

DB snatches unbroken.

Burpee box jump-overs in 1:30 or less.

Movement redundancy via hip and trunk flexion and extension.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today’s combination of movements is fast-paced and light, allowing for quick rounds with short transitions.

The DB snatch should ALWAYS be completed unbroken. Choose a load that allows for 10-20 unbroken reps.

The BBJO may be a little slower, but should not exceed 1:30. That’s ~:10/rep; we’ll practice that in the warm-up to see if it’s manageable for the workout.

The reps of the BBJO and/or height can be scaled, but we want to maintain the jump-over aspect of this movement unless an injury is a limiting factor.

A critical factor to success in this workout is the DB snatch technique. In the warm-up, we’ll practice keeping the hips low, which may feel harder at first, but saves the lower back during the BBJO

Srtrength Of the Day

3 sets:
3 shoulder presses
– Pause at the bottom of every rep (:02).
You may pause with the bar overhead, but you MUST stop and hold the bar in the front rack between each rep for a minimum of :02 to build strength without stretch-reflex.

Metcon Of the Day

10 DB snatches (35/50 lb)
10 burpee box jump-overs (20/24 in)

Accessory Of the Day

400-m single-arm DB overhead carry
– Use workout DB.
– Switch hands as needed.

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