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June 21, 2023

Wednesday 06/21/2023

Stimulus Of the Day

High volume, upper body bench pressing heavy day.

All sets should be at 70% or greater of athletes' 1-rep-max bench.

Build to a heavy set. Lift once every 5:00.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Higher rep heavy bench press day!

Start at a moderate load with your first working set and add small jumps in load across each set from there.

Remain wary of going too heavy too soon and failing reps mid-workout.

Partner up, encourage each other, and have fun today!

We’ll work through some L-sit skill work after the workout.

Metcon Of the Day

Bench Press
For load:
Bench press

Accessory Of the Day

1 set:
Max-effort hanging L-sit hold

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