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January 31, 2024

Wednesday 01/31/2024

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Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP
Feb 24th
Ladies Of ATP Brunch

Whiteboard of the Day

This workout will develop your burpee box jump-over capacity under fatigue.

With only 3 rounds of 2:00 of work, each round is a full sprint.

Choose a challenging front squat load that still allows for an unbroken first round but may need to be broken into 2 sets for the second and third rounds.

With proper barbell loading, there should always be 1:00 or more to accumulate burpee box jump-overs. If maintaining at a pace of 1 rep every :12 seconds is a challenge, reduce box height or scale to step-overs.

Push hard on the burpee box jump-over reps; remember to jump high and clear your toes before landing on the box. Your legs will fatigue, so stay focused while moving fast!

Strength Of the Day

Back Squat

Metocon Of the Day

3 x 2:00 rounds:
12 front squats (105/155 lb)
Max burpee box jump-overs
Rest 2:00
– Step down from the box.

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