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November 1, 2022

Tuesday 11/01/2022 (11012022)

Workout Of the Day

Strength Of the Day

Push Press

Metcon Of the Day

Food for thought: If you add up reps you are thinking about a WOD from the wrong perspective, muscles and energy systems are far more complex than a sum total number of reps regardless of paired movements, rest intervals, intensity, lifestyle, and environmental factors, while this workout is 64 reps it has 3 less transitional than 10-to-1 and more sets and reps than 21-15-9 but less initial energy expenditure. Think of the task on hand, what you have to handle at the moment while your body prepares behind the scenes for what is next, think of the immediate set of the immediate movement and how you will feel EXITING that set, that is your capacity. How you feel after 15 reps, not 64 reps, if you pick numbers based of 64 you will end up playing checkers on a chess board, a bland stimulus that is kinda the same day to day. For todays WOD we are going to annotate a weight because we want to show that most will have to break up the first set into multiple sets, think 3 to 4 sets... no easy round :D
Pull Ups
Power Snatch (95/65)

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