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October 17, 2023

Tuesday 10/17/2023

Thank you everyone for making Saturday such a special day!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm
November 18 (Saturday 6-?)
Our Biggest Event Every Year!

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today’s workout is an ascending ladder of two movements.

Be sure to manage reps. Stay smooth and focus on your breathing. If you come out too hot, expect your heart rate to skyrocket.

Choose a moderately heavy power clean load that allows for a single rep every :05-:10. You may be able to perform a few touch-and-go reps in the warm-up, but plan to perform singles in the workout to help you manage your pace and heart rate.

Manage rest on the wall/rower walks. Plan to perform a rep every :20. And try to stick to that plan for as long as possible.

Prior to starting the workout, we will build to a heavy 2-rep power clean. This should help you determine your loading for the workout.

Strength Of the Day

On a 10:00 clock:
Build to a heavy 2-rep unbroken power clean
Rest :45-1:30 between sets.

Metcon Of the Day

1-2-3-4… etc.
Wall walks or Rower Walks
Power cleans (125/185 lb)

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