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August 29, 2023

Tuesday 08/29/2023

Whiteboard Of the Day

We have a fun ascending front squat couplet today that will test your physical and mental stamina.

The pull-up sets stay at 9 every round, while the front squats start at 3 and continue to increase by 3 reps until the 12:00 are up.

The pull-ups should remain unbroken throughout the workout. If that’s not manageable, scale to jumping pull-ups and move fast.

With a moderately light front squat load, strive to maintain unbroken sets of front squats as long as possible, and at least through the round of 9.

Expect the squats to become the limiting factor; shoot to maintain large sets with quick breaks.

We’ll take some time before the workout to build to a heavier front squat load for sets of 6-5-4-3-2. Advanced athletes can use this time to work up to a heavy double while beginner and intermediate athletes should use lighter loads and practice technique prior to the workout.

Strength Of the Day

For load:
Front squats
*Lift every 2:00*

Metcon Of The Day

9 pull-ups
3 front squats (95/135 lb)
9 pull-ups
6 front squats
9 pull-ups
9 front squats
*Continue the pattern of adding 3-reps to the front squats until time expires*

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