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June 27, 2023

Tuesday 06/27/2023


Stimulus Of the Day

Moderately heavy clean under cardiovascular distress.

Scored by max calories, ideally 10+ per minute for intermediate athletes and 15+ per minute for advanced athletes.

Barbell should feel heavy, but should not fail any reps. Touch-and-go or quick singles on the cleans.

Whiteboard Of the Day

This alternating EMOM will give you an opportunity to practice consistency with moderately heavy weight on the power clean.

Choose your own adventure on the row – the faster you go, the more this will burn. If you’re in need of a recovery day, use the row to breathe and focus on efficiency.

Strive for at least 8 calories per minute; more advanced athletes may be able to achieve 15 or even 20 calories per minute.

We’ll spend some time working up in weight prior to the workout. Beginner athletes can use this time to practice, while advanced athletes can load up past workout weight if desired.

Accessory Of the Day

Clean build up
Rowing build up

Metcon Of the Day

EMOM 20:
Even minutes: 3 power cleans
Odd minutes: Max calorie row

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