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June 6, 2023

Tuesday 06/06/2023

Stimulus Of the Day

Heavy day.

Lift 80%+ of 1-rep-max deadlift.

Maintain the same load for all 5 sets

Rest around 2:00 between sets.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today’s workout is a classic heavy day and an opportunity to move a little slower relative to the week. Look back to find your last heavy 3-rep deadlift.

You should all lift a heavy load relative to your capacity. If you know your best deadlift single, try to hold a weight at or above 80% of your 1-rep-max for each set in the workout. This will be a challenge.

To keep everyone moving and resting at a consistent pace, we are going to perform each set of 3 on a 3:00 clock. This means you should have around 2:30 to rest before hitting your next set.

After the lifting session, we will focus on some bodyweight pressing and shoulder stability work.

Strength Of the Day

5 sets:
3 deadlifts
Maintain same load across all sets
Rest 2:00 between sets

Accessory Of the Day

5 sets:
:30 hand-release push-ups
:30 ring support hold

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