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Coach Amanda


May 13, 2024

TUESDAY 05/14/2024

It's a new week- a new set of 7 days to get after our goals inside and outside of the gym! Each day provides a new opportunity for you to prove to yourself that you can do hard things. Going beyond the pre-conceived limits we have set for ourselves, we can get stronger and healthier with every workout. The good thing is we don't have to try to do this alone. So head on into the gym, and allow your community to challenge and push you towards a better version of yourself. Together, let's conquer the week and prove that we are unstoppable!

New T-Shirts have arrived! Pre-orders are waiting for you in the lobby. There are more available for purchase at the gym.


CFATP Yoga | Every Wednesday @ 6:30 PM starting Wednesday 5/22

Memorial Day Murph | 5/27

Member Appreciation Week | 5/27 - 6/1

Open Gym Times this Week | Saturday 8am-noon + Sunday 1-3pm

Whiteboard of the Day

This heavy day is a more technical version of the CrossFit Total.

Your score is the combined total of your 3 heaviest lifts.

Today, we’ll take exactly 10 minutes for each lift.

Partner up with someone of similar strength and height to share a bar. This will save transition time and allow for spotting during the bench press.

Choose a partner that has roughly similar arm length and height so that your rack height for the bench press and overhead squat are similar. From there, adjust loading as needed for each athlete.

There’s a lot to get through today, so the warm-up will feel extra fast. Keep moving at a steady pace through the warm-up and use build-up and workout to continue to finetune movement and ask questions.

Workout of the Day



1-rep-max clean

1-rep-max bench press

1-rep-max overhead squat

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