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March 24, 2020

Tuesday 03/24/2020


THREE Workout Options Today!

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Zoom WOD Details

Group Video Zoom Workout will be at 5:00pm Weekdays

Join URL:

Meeting ID: 599-787-653
Meeting Password: 384971

Zoom WODs may call for equipment some people do not have, text coach BEFORE 4:30pm to ask how to modify it! ALL are encouraged to participate!

Group Video Zoom
Workout Of the Day

Lateral Jump Overs
Object Thruster
Find a 6-12" tall object like a backpack or amazon box or kettlebell and jump sideways over it. stay on your toes, stay explosive, stay lateral. the height of the object shouldn't be a challenge to jump over, but it should be high enough that you need to bend your knees slightly to clear the object, but short enough that you can land on your toes and immediately explode into the following jump back over. every time you clear the object is one rep. over and back is 2 reps.
Take a moderately light object and perform a thruster this object can be:
empty barbell, dumbbell, backpack, wall ball, bag of sand, cinderblock.
between 15-50lbs is recommenced, high rep, high speed.
**Text Coach for tutorial video**

Home Gym
Workout Of the Day

Before doing the Zoom WOD, DO:
(floating Dead Lift)
Barbell go heavy, keep the weight in the hamstrings and butt not the back.
Stand on one leg and perform CONTROLLED RDLs. Text Coach for a tutorial video. remember control = strength. the slower you go the stronger you will get.
**Text Coach for tutorial video**

Workout Of the Day

Before doing the Zoom WOD, DO:
Single Leg Weighted Hip Bridges
8 each leg for 5 sets
Find a heavy object hold on your hips, lay on your back with your knee bent at 90 degrees, squeeze your butt and lift your hips up until your hip and flat and even with your upper leg, hold for 1 Mississippi and then relax.
**Text Coach for tutorial video**

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