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February 27, 2024

Tuesday 02/27/2024

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is the most fun you will have working out all year, there are levels of workouts for everyone and everyone always agrees it is FUN!

Please be patient with us as we are doing some painting for the OPEN!

Up Coming Gym Events

March 1st
Friday Night Lights Kick Off Bash!
B.A.W Media
DJ Cruz
Food truck

Workouts for EVERY LEVEL at Friday Night Lights, and it is okay if you can't make all the events!

Whiteboard of the Day

Today presents a challenging high-skill combination of movements.
If you do not yet have proficiency in rope climbs, GHD sit-ups, and/or single-leg squats, reduce the complexity and focus on building a foundation of strength to continue to progress.
If you can perform these movements, but not at the prescribed volume, reduce the volume and practice the prescribed variation without exceeding the intended time domain.
If you’re somewhere in the middle of those two options, pick one movement to work on at full volume and scale the other two.
Advanced athletes should work on quick transitions and minimizing rest between rope climbs. Push to finish all four reps in under 1:00!

Workout Of the Day

Metcon Of the Day

3 rounds for time:
4 rope climbs
12 GHD sit-ups
16 single-leg squats

Accessory Of the Day

50 GHD hip extensions

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