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September 27, 2018

Thursday 9/27/2018

Amazing Job EVERYONE on round one of testing!We will continue to establish two more max lifts next week.
Keep in mind the reason we use max lifts; they aren't the best way to increase our athletic capabilities or capacity but they are an unparalleled way of demonstrating our progress over our CrossFit Career. I often look back at my previous numbers from 2012 or 2014 or 2017 and say, "wow I forgot how hard that weight USED to be!" Having the ability to quantitatively chart your athletic progress using multiple metrics (Load, Speed, Distance, Capacity) is what makes CrossFit so special. REMEMBER a missed lift is NOT failure, it is data! The same goes for a slow metcon; treat your results from each WOD as data that can help you identify strengths and weakness, and let that data help carry you to future success.
Track your numbers (times/loads/distances) on your phone, I keep some records of lifts for me to perform statistical analysis to validate our various training cycles, but the responsibility of knowing your numbers is yours.
Have a weakness you want to turn into a strength? Talk to any coach! We all have plenty of experience working on turning our own weaknesses into strengths and would love to share with you what we have learned through our own training and through our experience in helping others train. Goals are easier to achieve with a plan, and with support!






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Shout Out To Dr. Izumi Tabata!
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