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December 20, 2023

Thursday 12/21/2023

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Jan 1st
Ashley Jumps in freezing pool
Jan 2nd
CrossFit ATP's 7th Birthday!
Jan 1st-7th
Bring A Friend Week
Jan 20th
Giant Gym Movie Night
March 1st
March 8th
March 15th

Holiday Hours

Monday 12/25
Tuesday 12/26
9am Only
Wednesday 12/27
Normal Life

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today we have a strength-building heavy shoulder press day. Loading will be relative to your capacity but plan to go heavy.

Each set of 3 reps will be unbroken, but you may rest in the rack position between reps. Build to a heavy set of 3 and maintain that load for all 5 sets.

Perform a new set every 3:00, allowing for about 2:30 of rest between sets to feel relatively recovered and ready to rock for the next set.

Expect the first few reps to be relatively easy, the middle reps to be challenging, and the last few reps to be a fight.

Shoot to lift 70%+ of your 1-rep-max shoulder press.

Workout Of the Day

For load:
Shoulder press
What do you like to call this lift?
Strict Press
Shoulder Press
Military Press
Overhead Press
Lift bar overhead without hip help lift thingy

Skill Of the Day

On an 8:00 clock:
Handstand walk practice

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