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August 10, 2023

Thursday 08/10/2023

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Stimulus Of the Day

20-30 (or more) reps per AMRAP.

All runs in under 5:00.

Wall-ball shot loading should allow for 10+ reps at a time.

Short rest break between AMRAPs to prepare for a strong run pace.

Whiteboard Of the Day

This couplet is 3 rounds of an 800-m run and an AMRAP of wall-ball shots up until the 6:00 mark.

Between each AMRAP is 1:00 of rest to incentivize BIG sets on the wall-ball shots while still allowing for consistency on the runs.

You need to finish each run in 5:00 or less, which means the first run should be under 4:30 to account for fatigue in the later rounds.

We’ll scale run distance based on paces run in the warm-up.

With over a minute of time for the wall-ball shots, the goal is to do 20+ reps.

Accessory Of the Day

3 sets:
10 lateral banded monster walks/direction
10 banded good mornings

Metcon Of the Day

3 x AMRAP 6:
Run 800 m
Max wall-ball shots (14/20 lb) (9/10 ft) in remaining time.
– Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs.

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