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May 20, 2021

Thursday 05/20/2021

Gym Update:
As many of you know the state has lifted the mandatory mask mandate citing CDC guidelines that vaccinated people can safely operate without mask in public.

Going Forward at CrossFit ATP:
Since close to 90% of our gym community is vaccinated; we will be lifting the requirement that individuals wear a mask while not working out. We hope that this will be a permeant thing!
If you want to still wear a mask, we 100% support it!
We will of course keep reevaluating this as the pandemic continues and as winter approaches.

What we need:
We need people who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated! Why, when the mask mandate has already been lifted? The more unvaccinated people there are the the greater the chance we will see this virus mutate into something all of our vaccines don't protect against. Then we will all be faced with having to mask again while we as a society figure out how to protect ourselves. It only takes ONE unvaccinated person to ruin it for everyone. Let's keep moving forward, we have come this far.

Lets be clear:
The CDC guidelines released stated that it is safe for vaccinated individuals to not wear a mask at this time. That could change. We Don't want to go back to where we were. GET VACCINATED!

Workout Of the Day 

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Back Rack Lunges

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L- Sit

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n*5 DU
(n= round number)

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