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May 11, 2023

Thursday 05/11/2023

Workout Of the Day

Stimulus Of The Day

4 unbroken Turkish get-up reps per arm every round in :45-1:30.

Lunges unbroken every round and complete in less than 1:00.

Same DB for both movements.

Whiteboard Of the Day

We have a fun couplet today that combines skill work and focused movement with fast walking lunges. Get ready for grip and shoulder fatigue!

Set a goal to hit between 4-6 rounds with 4 unbroken Turkish get-ups per arm in :45-1:30 and unbroken walking lunge sets in less than 1:00 every round.

You’ll use the same DB for both movements, so choose your DBs based on Turkish get-up capacity.

Hold the DB however you’d like on the walking lunges. Advanced athletes, challenge yourselves to do overhead walking lunges.

We get to go on a 400-m farmers carry walk once we’re done!

Skill/Accessory Of the Day

For time:
400-m DB farmers carry (35/50 lb)
– Use two dumbbells

Metcom Of the Day

4 left-arm DB Turkish get-ups (25/35 lb)
4 right-arm DB Turkish get-ups
16 DB walking lunges
*Use one DB*

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