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Coach Jerry


April 17, 2024

THURSDAY 04/18/2024

This week, we all have our own individual goals and challenges, but by trusting the process and showing up each day, we can truly unlock our full potential. Every movement we tackle, from the simplest to the most complex, requires dedication and perseverance. Remember that progress takes time, and it's important to stay patient and trust in the process. Let's push ourselves out of our comfort zones, challenge our limits, and embrace the growth that comes from consistency. Together, let's make this week the best one yet and show ourselves what we are truly capable of achieving!!

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Up Coming Gym Events

Open Gym Times this Week - Saturday 8am-noon | Sunday 1-3pm
CrossFit ATP Guys Night - 4/20
Crowders Mountain Take Over - 4/28
Memorial Day Murph 5/27

Whiteboard of the Day

Fight for one more rep in each minute; every rep makes a huge difference.

Aim for 10 or more reps of each exercise in each interval.

Snatch loading should allow for at least 5 touch-and-go reps at a time.

Hold onto the dumbbells for the full minute.

If you are not signed for the Quarterfinals, choose movements that challenge your ability and allow you to get 10-20 reps per minute.

Workout Of the Day


4 rounds for max reps:

1 minute of snatches (85/135 lb)

1 minute of rowing for calories

1 minute of dumbbell box step-ups (35/50 lb) (20/20 in)

1 minute of rest

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