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April 2, 2020

Thursday 04/02/2020

Zoom WOD @

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Zoom WOD Details

Group Video Zoom Workout will be at 5:30pm

Join URL:

Meeting ID: 599-787-653
Meeting Password: 384971

Zoom WODs may call for equipment some people do not have, text coach BEFORE 4:30pm to ask how to modify it! ALL are encouraged to participate!

Group Video Zoom
Workout Of the Day

6 Squat Cleans*
12 Lateral Hop Over **
*Clean Barbell, one or two kettlebells, dumbbells, backpack, or heavy object
** skier jump sideways over the objected you cleaned, every jump is 1 rep, stay on your toes and explode back over the object sideways.

Home Gym
Workout Of the Day

Before Zoom WOD
Dead Lifts

No Gym Equipment
Workout Of the Day

Before Zoom WOD
Single Leg RDL
6x6x6 (6x12)
6 sets of 6 reps each leg (12 total)
**Text Coach for tutorial video**

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