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February 29, 2024

Thursday 02/29/2024

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is the most fun you will have working out all year, there are levels of workouts for everyone and everyone always agrees it is FUN!

Whether you consider yourself a CrossFit newbie, enthusiast, fan, or community supporter, the CrossFit Open is for you. See you there!

Up Coming Gym Events

March 1st
Friday Night Lights Kick Off Bash!
B.A.W Media
DJ Cruz
Food truck

Workouts for EVERY LEVEL at Friday Night Lights, and it is okay if you can't make all the events!

Whiteboard of the Day

Today we have a quick 8-minute workout where you’ll move through three movements for as many rounds as possible. Shoot for 3-5 rounds and plan to move fast!
Complete the shuttle runs in 1:00 or less, the dumbbell push jerks in 1-2 sets, and the box step-ups in 1:15 or less each round.
We’ll take time in the warm-up to review shuttle run standards and prep for the quick turns and a fast pace.
Look forward to fun with plank holds and flutter kicks after we wrap today.

Workout Of the Day

Metcon Of the Day

Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
5 shuttle runs
10 double-DB push jerks
20 box step-ups
– 1 shuttle run = 25 ft down/25 ft back

Accessory Of the Day

4 sets:
:20 plank hold
:10 rest
:20 flutter kicks
:10 rest

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