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January 11, 2024

Thursday 01/11/2023

Up Coming Gym Events
Jan 20th
Giant Gym Movie Night

Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP

Bodywork by Susie is now in the lobby-Info by her door

Whiteboard of the Day

This triplet is all bodyweight movement but will boost your heart rate and leave your legs feeling heavy.
Shoot to complete the early rounds in 3:00 or less to account for fatigue later on.
Finish the rope climbs in under 1:00. If you have a rope climb, but not 2 in less than sixty seconds, scale to 1 rep a round. Otherwise, scale to a pull-to-stand and work on keeping the hips off of the ground.
The GHD sit-up sets should be fast. If you haven’t been on the GHD recently, scale to parallel. If you’ve never been on it, practice in the warm-up but perform either weighted or unweighted AbMat sit-ups in the workout.
Use the box jumps to either recover or push the pace, depending on how you’re feeling today. Complete the reps in less than 1:30 or scale the height of the jump, even if it’s to just a few inches off of the floor.


5 rounds for time:
2 rope climbs
10 GHD sit-ups
20 box jumps (20/24 in)


1:00 couch stretch/leg
1:00 banded lat stretch/arm

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