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January 22, 2022

SaturYAY 01/22/2022


Workout Of the Day


(Ground based movement prep to mobilize, stabilize, and activate your core)

Crab Reach

Traveling Crab

Unloaded/Loaded Beast

Traveling Beast

Side Traveling Ape

Accessory Strength:

4x Sets of:

16x Alt. KB “Gorilla Rows”

20ft. “Gator Drag” or “Alligator Crawl”


Goblet of Fire

16 min EMOM

Minute 1: 8x KB Goblet Squat Jumps

Minute 2: 10x Strict Hanging (*Weighted) Knee Tucks

Minute 3: 16x KB Goblet ALT Forward Lunges

Minute 4: 10x KB Plank Pull Throughs


10 minute Cool Down of:

Upper Body Focused Banded Stretching/Mobility 

Post Times, Weights, and Words of Wisdom to BTWB

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