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September 23, 2023

Saturdayyy 09/23/2023

Hybrid Hours & Athletic Club Hours Start Monday!
Details to gain 24 hour access ("Hybrid Access")
Soft Roll Out This Week
If you want hybrid club or hybrid CrossFit access talk to wade!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 7 (Saturday)
Charlotte Athlete Shoulder Workshop
October 14 (Saturday)
Member Appreciation Cocktail Event
Abberly Noda Vista Apt Home's
Club House
October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today, we have a fun choose-your-own-adventure workout.

You can make this workout whatever you need; it can be a tough workout if pushed or an opportunity to recover through movement for those who need it.

Shoot for 10/15+ in each minute of calories, and keep L-sits to 3 sets or less.

Expect the heavy breathing to make the L-sit hold more challenging. Set a goal to push through the challenge and go for long sets if that’s your aim today.

We’ll use the warm-up time to tune in and determine what stimulus you need today and set a workout plan accordingly.

Today’s post-workout skill work aims to strengthen and stabilize that posterior chain.

Metcon Of the Day

EMOM 20:
Odd minutes | Max calorie row
Even minutes | Accumulate :20 L-sit hold

Accessory Of the Day

2 sets:
20 good mornings (empty barbell)
20 superman arch-ups

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