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December 2, 2023

Saturday 12/02/2023

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today we have a fun chipper that ends with max reps rope climbs.

Shoot to complete each movement’s total reps in 2 sets max; scale accordingly to meet this stimulus.

You should have at least 2:00 to go for rope climbs or scaled variation.

We’ll spend time in the warm-up dialing row mechanics and taking plenty of time to prep for and practice each movement.

After the workout, we’ll work on Turkish get-ups!

Metcon Of the Day

On a 12:00 clock:
50-calorie row
40 KB swings (35/53 lb)
30 KB goblet squats
20 burpees
Max rope climbs

Skill/Strength Of the Day

10 Turkish get-ups/arm
– Use a single dumbbell or KB.
– Build in load as desired through all 10 reps.

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