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August 27, 2022

Saturday 08/27/2022

One time schedule change

Our coaching team has tried everything to arrange coverage for the following workouts but unfortunately we are to have to cancel the following workouts:
(this week only)
Friday 12noon
Monday 12noon
Monday 4:30pm
Our team apologizes for the inconvenience but appreciates your understanding.

Workout Of the Day

Strength Of the Day

Strict Press
4x Rounds (12 min)
Every 3 minutes do 1x round of:
15x reps @ Empty BB/Light Weight
12x reps @ Light Weight
10x reps @ Medium Weight
8x reps @ Heavier Medium Weight
*Use a partner to help with loading- there is NO rest (except to add weights) until you get done with your set of 8x, then you will rest the remainder of the 3 minutes to rest/help your partner add load weights

Metcon Of the Day

*double reps to do with a partner*
5 BB FR Forward Lunges
5 BB Back Rack Reverse Lunges
10 Toes 2 Bar
5 “HEAVY” KB Swings

Post Times, Loads, Pictures and Words of Wisdom to BTW

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