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May 6, 2023

Saturday 05/06/2023

Workout Of the Day

Stimulus Of The Day

unbroken toes-to-bar through the rounds of 5.

All wall-ball shots should be unbroken.

Maintain quick transitions between movements.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today’s workout requires fast transitions and a push to go unbroken early on. Look to perform slower transitions and strategic sets in the middle. Finally, a sprint to the finish once you get back to the round of 6.

The wall-ball loading should be light enough to perform all sets as unbroken.

Choose a toes-to-bar option that allows you to keep moving. Prioritize a movement that allows you to maintain the kip swing and perform consecutive reps.

Strength Of the Day

For time:
Wall-ball shots (14/20 lb)(9/10 ft)
Wall-ball shots

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