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Coach Jerry


May 3, 2024

SATURDAY 05/04/2024

As we head into a new week, let's use this fresh start as an opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether you're aiming to increase your strength, improve your endurance, or work towards a specific goal, remind yourself that consistency is key. Each time you show up this week brings you one step closer towards becoming the best version of yourself. Stay focused on your goals and allow those to keep you motivated when this week's fatigue and busyness comes. Tackle this week with determination and positivity knowing that your hard work will pay off! Let's crush each workout this week and make it the strongest one yet!

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Open Gym Times this Week - Saturday 8am-noon | Sunday 1-3pm
Memorial Day Murph 5/27

Whiteboard of the Day

This workout challenges cardiorespiratory endurance along with grip, shoulder, and leg stamina.

Plan to complete this workout in under 10 minutes; advanced athletes should push for closer to the 7-minute mark.

You should be able to complete 8 step-ups/round on average. This is about 30 seconds of work for most athletes.

Scale the double-unders to allow for mostly unbroken sets in under 20 seconds to have adequate time to transition quickly to and from the dumbbells.

Reduce dumbbell load to allow for 10 or more unbroken reps at a time.

Workout of the Day



4 sets:

6 alternating Turkish get-ups

- Rest 1:00 between sets.

- Use a single DB.


For time with a partner:

120 DB box step-ups (20/24 in) (35/50 lb)

- Every 3 minutes, starting at :00, perform 20 double-unders together.

- Use two dumbbells.

- One partner works at a time on the box step-ups.

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