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March 15, 2024

Saturday 03/16/2024

Congrats on completing the Open!

As we reflect on the success of the 2024 FNL, we have SO much to look forward to throughout the year. There was so much camaraderie and support during the Open! Great job everyone!! Can't wait to see everyone continue to push themselves, support each other, and achieve their goals.

Up Coming Gym Events

CrossFit ATP Ladies Night
Crowders Mountain Take Over
Memorial Day Murph

Whiteboard of the Day

Today, you’ll build to a heavy front squat load under fatigue.
Expect the burpees to tax your legs and elevate your heart rate as you start with high-rep lighter front squats that then decrease in volume and increase in load.
Try to keep moving and avoid long rest breaks.
While some may make it to the final bar, everyone’s goal should be to make it to the 20 front squats at the third weight.
Reduce burpee target height and/or volume to allow for 10 or more reps per minute to stay on track to get to the third bar.
Scale the front squat load to something that feels easy for the first round, a little heavier for the second, and moderate-to-heavy for the third.

Workout Of the Day


40 burpees to a target (6 in)
40 front squats (65/95 lb)
30 burpees to a target
30 front squats (95/135 lb)
20 burpees to a target
20 front squats (125/185 lb)
10 burpees to a target
Max-rep front squats (155/225 lb)


2 rounds:
1:00 calf roll/side
1:00 quad smash/side

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