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January 13, 2024

Saturday 01/13/2023

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Jan 20th
Giant Gym Movie Night

Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP

Bodywork by Susie is now in the lobby-Info by her door

Whiteboard of the Day

Today we have a fun partner workout that has kettlebell swings and walking lunges sandwiched between 800-meter runs.
Partners perform the runs together and then share the kettlebell work as desired.
Scale accordingly to meet the stimulus and share the work with quick transitions to keep this workout under 20 minutes.
Shoot to complete each run in 5:00 or less at a consistent pace through both.
Use communication to ensure minimal rest and fast transitions on the shared kettlebell work.
We’ll work through running drills in the warm-up to dial-in technique and scaling as needed.
Make sure to push that final run and leave it all out on the road!


For time with a partner:
800-meter run
80 KB swings (35/53 lb)
80 KB walking lunges
800-meter run
– Run together, and split KB work as desired.


3 sets:
:30 cobra stretch
:30 Spiderman stretch, left
:30 Spiderman stretch, right

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