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January 5, 2024

Saturday 01/06/2023

Up Coming Gym Events
Jan 1st-7th
Bring A Friend Week
Jan 20th
Giant Gym Movie Night

Last Week to get your Hoodies ordered
Bodywork by Susie is now in the lobby-Info by her door

Whiteboard of the Day

Today’s workout is an excellent opportunity to practice muscle-up technique under moderate intensity.
Push the pace on the runs and the rings if desired or use the runs as recovery and take longer rests between muscle-ups if needed.
Shoot to make it to the round of 6 muscle-ups or more. Reduce run distances if needed.
If you can string together 2 or more muscle-ups, perform this workout RX’d. If not, reduce the volume.
Those without muscle-ups can make attempts in the warm-up and perform low ring transitions in the workout.
The goal of the low ring transitions will be to adjust the use of the legs to allow for ~3 reps at a time before needing rest.


1 muscle-up
100-m row
2 muscle-ups
150-m row
3 muscle-ups
200-m row
4 muscle-ups
250-m row

– Add one rep to the muscle-ups and 50 meters to the row each round.

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