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December 11, 2023

Monday 12/11/2023

If a class fills up please add yourself to the "waitlist" AND STILL COME IN no matter what! we have room for way more than what zen planner says!

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today, we work our way through a chipper that starts and ends with double-unders.

This should be sub-20 minutes, prioritizing light loads and simpler movement to minimize rest.

Choose variations that enable you to complete double unders in 2:00 or less and sit-ups in 3 sets or less..

Choose a barbell load that allows you to move through 10 or more reps at a time on both the hang power cleans and push presses.

Workout Of the Day

For time:
100 double-unders
75 hang power cleans (55/75 lb)
50 GHD sit-ups
75 push presses (55/75 lb)
100 double-unders

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