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September 11, 2023

Monday 09/11/2023

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Whiteboard Of the Day

The rep scheme of today’s workout acknowledges the events of September 11, 2001.

This long, bookended chipper should be completed in 20:00-30:00, so pace and accordingly while still pushing yourself.

The row and run should each be completed in under 10:00, and you should shoot to average 1:00 or less per set on each of the barbell movements for 10:00 or less in total.

We’ll use the warm-ups to dial in barbell movement technique and scaling options for the workout.

You will likely be limited on one or more of the first three movements, so use the warm-up to identify a weight that allows you to complete 11 reps of each in 2 sets or less.

Once you finish the first three sets of movements, push the pace and accelerate on the remaining 6.

If you are not comfortable back-racking the barbell from the floor under fatigue, replace the back squats with an additional set of front squats, or with front-rack lunges.

Metcon Of the Day

For time:
2001-m run or row
11 shoulder presses (85/115 lb)
11 overhead squats
11 sumo deadlift high pulls
11 push presses
11 front squats
11 squat cleans
11 push jerks
11 back squats
11 deadlifts
2001-m run or row
– If athletes begin the WOD with a row, they finish with a run and vice versa.

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