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July 3, 2023

Monday 07/03/2023

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Stimulus Of the Day

Heavy snatch day, relative to each athlete's capacity.

Focus on technique while building strength and stamina under load.

Prioritize mechanics over load.

Whiteboard Of the Day

We’ve got a fun snatch complex EMOM today!

If the snatch feels like a frustrating lift, use today to dial in mechanics and work a weakness; there is so much opportunity for improvement each time we approach it.

Use today to not only work mechanics but also to focus on building stamina in the complex under load and fatigue.

We will spend lots of time drilling the snatch with a PVC and empty barbell to get you warm and your bodies primed.

Partner up today, share a bar, encourage each other, and have some fun.

We’ll also work on double-unders before the workout today.

Accessory Of the Day

8 sets for reps:
:20 double-unders
Rest :10

Metcon Of the Day

Every 2:00 for 20:00:
1 power snatch
1 hang squat snatch
1 high hang squat snatch

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