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CrossFit ATP


June 26, 2023

Monday 06/26/2026


Stimulus Of the Day

Light loading and large sets for the overhead squats.

Fast but consistent pace on the runs.

Whiteboard Of the Day

The classic CrossFit benchmark, Nancy, gives you a chance to test a moderate time domain and higher skill conditioning and gives you 75 chances to improve your overhead squat mechanics.

The intended loading for Nancy is light; use a weight that allows you to complete at least 10 reps in a row each round before you need to rest. These reps should be smooth and relatively quick.

Maintain a similar “fast” run pace across all rounds. If you don’t think you can finish at least 3 rounds of the 400-m run under 2:00 each, scale a few of the rounds to 300 m.

Even if you think you will be slower across the entire workout but can still finish in under 15:00, today is a great opportunity to set a new benchmark.

Accessory Of the Day

12:00 to build up to a heavy complex:
3 muscle snatches + 2 power snatches + overhead squat

Metcon Of the Day

5 rounds for time:
400-m run
15 overhead squats (65/95 lb)

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