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June 12, 2023

Monday 06/12/2023

Stimulus Of the Day

Twist on a movement we don't often: single-leg squats with added load.

Single-leg squats in :40-1:30.

Push jerks unbroken every round. This load should feel moderate to start and challenging under fatigue, but athletes should always be able to move through each round unbroken.

Whiteboard Of the Day

We’ve got a fast couplet today that will challenge your balance and midline!

Get ready for a twist on a movement we don’t often: single-leg squats with added load.

Shoot to complete the sets of DB single-leg squats in about 1:00 and to get through all rounds of push jerks unbroken. Scale accordingly.

Expect to feel some extra fatigue through your midline; pay extra attention to your stability through the push jerks.

We’ll build to a heavy 2-rep push jerk before the workout.

Have fun, challenge yourself, and hit this one hard today.

Accessory Of the Day

5 sets:
2 push jerks
Barbell comes from the floor.
Build to a heavy double.

Metcon Of the Day

5 rounds for time:
14 alternating DB single-leg squats (20/35 lb)
7 push jerks (105/155 lb)
*Use a single DB*

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