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May 8, 2023

Monday 05/08/2023

Workout Of the Day

Stimulus Of The Day

5-8 rounds.

Muscle-ups complete in 1-2 sets/partner.

Use the runs to recover between muscle-up work.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today, we have a fun partner workout that combines running and a high skill gymnastics movement.

Advanced athletes should push the runs while others should use them to recover between muscle-ups. Shoot for this to look more like a 15:00 AMRAP of 200-m sprints, 5 muscle-ups, and a brief rest while your partner works

Intermediate athletes, treat this more as muscle-up practice with some partner running between sets.

Set ranges and paces will start fast when you are fresh and then slow down several rounds in.

Consider your intention before starting, choose a partner accordingly, and stick to that goal.

We will work on ring dips post-workout!

Metcom Of the Day

if it storms we will use rowing in place of running to keep everyone out of any possible thunder and lightening

AMRAP 15 with a partner:
10 muscle-ups
200-m run with a partner
One partner works and one rests during the muscle-ups

Skill Of the Day

4 sets:
:20 ring dips
:10 rest

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