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March 22, 2020

Monday 03/23/2020

THREE Workout Options Today!

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Zoom WOD Details

Group Video Zoom Workout will be at 5:00pm Weekdays

Join URL:

Meeting ID: 599-787-653
Meeting Password: 384971

Zoom WODs may call for equipment some people do not have, text coach BEFORE 4:30pm to ask how you can modify it! ALL are encouraged to participate!

Group Video Zoom
Workout Of the Day

10 Sit Ups
5 Burpees
5 Back Pack* Ground To Overheads
(how heavy can you make a backpack?)
*WB may substitute if you don't own any heavy books.

Light Equipment
Workout Of the Day

Wall Ball Feet 2 Hand Passes
Down Ups
Lay on your back with the wall ball between your feet, using your feet lift the wall ball up and pass it to your hands, use you arms to reach over head and let the wall ball touch the ground behind you. then lift the WB with your arms and pass it to your feet, using your feet to then lower the WB to the ground. That is ONE Rep.
A down up is a burpee WITHOUT a push up, you stop in the top of the push up position and then jump back up.

Body Weight
Workout Of the Day

Down Ups

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