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March 17, 2024

Monday 03/18/2024

As we reflect on the success of the 2024 FNL, we have SO much to look forward to throughout the year. There was so much camaraderie and support during the Open! Great job everyone!! Can't wait to see everyone continue to push themselves, support each other, and achieve their goals.

Up Coming Gym Events

CrossFit ATP Ladies Night
Crowders Mountain Take Over
Memorial Day Murph

Whiteboard of the Day

Today’s workout is a play on the classic benchmark workout Diane. The deadlift pull paired with the wall walk press should allow you to move back and forth between the two movements with minimal interference.
Choose a light deadlift load that allows unbroken reps in every set.
Complete the wall walks in 30 seconds or less throughout the workout.
Advanced athletes should push the pace on the deadlifts. Think about pushing the barbell back down to the ground after locking out each rep to speed up your cycle time.
Beginner athletes should remain deliberate in every step of the deadlift and take time to breathe while transitioning between deadlifts and wall walks.
Following the workout, stick around and spend time recovering.

Workout Of the Day


For time:
Deadlifts (85/115 lb)
– Complete 2 wall walks between each set.


2 sets:
:30 Samson stretch/side
:30 elevated pigeon stretch/side

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