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June 4, 2021

FriYAYYY...YYY yay


For the month of June, CrossFit ATP will be offering every current and new member one FREE In-Body scan. The in-body is a medical grade body analyzer that very very accurately tell you how much muscle, fat, water and so on your body is made up of. To use the in body some preparation must be taken like not having eaten food or consumed coffee or alcohol in the previous 12 hours before a scan. Use of the in-body scanner will be by appointment only. The in-body scanner was acquired as a tool for the CrossFit ATP nutrition program but we want to open up its use to everyone. Typically there will be a small fee associated with using it but in the month of June each member can get one free scan.

BTWB Update

Join the CrossFit ATP "Beyond The White Board" (BTWB) app Beta test, we will be switching to using this app to track workouts, lifts, and progress. You can even track body composition from In-Body scans (muscle mass and body fat) in the app too.

CrossFit ATP's BTWB join code is: ATP123

Workout Of the Day 

Strength Of the Day

Power Snatch

Metcon Of the Day

2 Burpees
6 Deck Pistols (8 DS)
2 Burpees

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