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September 22, 2023

FriYAY 09/22/2023

Hybrid Hours & Athletic Club Hours Start Monday!
Details to gain 24 hour access ("Hybrid Access")
Soft Roll Out This Week
If you want hybrid club or hybrid CrossFit access talk to wade!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 7 (Saturday)
Charlotte Athlete Shoulder Workshop
October 14 (Saturday)
Member Appreciation Cocktail Event
Abberly Noda Vista Apt Home's
Club House
October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today’s workout is a good old-fashioned chipper. Finish the first three movements as quickly as possible and then get ready to grind through the hang squat cleans.

Keep moving on the burpees at a pace that allows you to immediately pick up the medicine ball and start those wall-ball shots. Try to perform 15-20+ reps unbroken to start.

Stay smart, breathe, and push where you can push on the run.

Minimize rest between hang squat clean sets. Long rest periods will catch up to you quickly and the workout will be over before you get any reps. Take small breaks between sets and try to always perform at least 2-3 reps every time you pick up the bar.

Metcon Of the Day

On a 15:00 clock:
50 bar-facing burpees
50 wall-ball shots
800-m run
Max-reps hang squat cleans in the remaining time (125/185 lb)

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