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April 7, 2023

FriYay 04/07/2023

Introducing TRACKS!
We are going to be offering you tracks you can follow in addition to the daily WODs. In BTWB you can now find home workouts, extra lifting, and extra volume (compete track), these tracks are for people who want a little extra to do on their own outside the normal group workouts.

but how will I find the time????

Members who opt in and submit an application can gain access to our CrossFit Gym 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week! There will be a small additional fee of $25/month for 24 hour access to cover the cost of the company who will be facilitating this awesome service! The company we are partnering with Hybrid AF (athlete foundation) is going to be allowing members who pass a background check access to our facility whenever they want!

What about this new gym we see being built?
The Athletic Club!
Coach Wade has formed a new company (we are in the process of acquiring the name that we want to use for it) which is subletting the back gym from CrossFit ATP. This is the gym that has all the machines in it. While this gym is a separate business from CrossFit ATP we are going to offer CrossFit members half of memberships! Currently the plan is Athletic Club memberships by itself will run close to $200/month but people who have a CrossFit membership will get 50% off while maintaining an active CrossFit membership.

We have some more awesome things in the works for our community so stay tuned!!

Workout Of the Day

Strimulus Of The Day

Gymnastics-focused day!

Great opportunity to build strength, skill, and stamina.

Find a challenging variation of each movement. Your choice should allow you to perform at least :20 of each movement in each set.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Target time | 5:00 of total accumulated time

Today’s workout is a gymnastics “heavy day”. We’ll focus on building strength in both movements and expanding each of your skill sets.

As we work through different options in the warm-up, the goal is for each person to identify a challenging option for themselves in the workout. This challenging movement should allow you to accumulate at least :20 in each movement in each set.

Prior to performing the workout, we are going to warm up with a bit of running. Not only is this going to warm us up for the workout, but it is also going to prepare us for Sunday’s home workout.

Metcon Of the Day

EMOM 16:
Even minutes: max handstand hold
Odd minutes: max L-sit hold
Score is total cumulative time combined.
*Maintain same L-sit variation the entire time*
Handstand Variations:
Free Standing, back facing wall, stomach facing the wall, pike position with feet on a box, pike position on the floor, plank hold.
L-Sit Variations:
Both legs extended straight, one leg extended, knees tucked into the chest, seated leg raise with knees tucked, hollow hold
L-sits can be performed on:
Two same-height boxes
Two larger same-sized kettlebells or dumbbells
Hanging from the pull-up bar
Support on the rings
Seated on the floor

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