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February 9, 2024

Fridayyy 02/09/2024

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is the most fun you will have working out all year, there are levels of workouts for everyone and everyone always agrees it is FUN!

Up Coming Gym Events

Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP
Feb 24th
Ladies Of ATP Brunch

Whiteboard of the Day

Today’s workout is a classic chipper-style workout. Chip away at each movement until it is complete and then move on to the next until the workout is over.

Hang on through the wall-ball shots for as many reps as possible, going for at least 10+ reps throughout the workout and ideally hitting even more in your first set. Can you get 30, 40, 50+ reps before breaking?

Expect your legs to feel heavy on the run. Remember, it’s only one run, so get out there and get those legs moving.

Keep moving on the overhead lunges. You can always take one more step. Be sure to switch hands before your arm gets too fatigued.

After the workout, we will recover and spend time stretching our lower body.

Accessory Of the Day

On a 6:00 running clock:
5-7 squat therapy reps

Metcon Of the Day

For time:
100 wall-ball shots (14/20 lb) (9/10 ft)
400-m run
200-ft DB overhead walking lunge (35/50 lb)
*Use one DB*

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