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November 17, 2023

Friday 11/17/2023


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Whiteboard Of the Day

Today is an opportunity to improve your snatch and test your current 2-rep max while dialing in technique.

The loading should be heavy and each lift should require your complete focus.

The set does not need to be touch and go, but both reps of a set should be completed in :15 or less.

If you struggle to receive the barbell in an overhead position, focus your warm-up on getting more comfortable deeper in the overhead squat. This receiving position takes time and practice, and today is a great opportunity to get better. Resist the urge to add more weight and return to old habits.

After the workout, we’ll work on handstands. Beginners will focus on getting upside-down or as inverted as possible. While more advanced athletes may practice their handstand walks.

Strength Of the Day

Every 2:00 for 10 rounds:
2 snatches
– Start light, and add weight as technique allows, working up to a heavy set of 2.
– For any missed rep, reduce the load by 10% or more and continue in the next round.

Strength Of the Day

50 alternating shoulder taps
150-ft handstand walk

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