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November 10, 2023

Friday 11/10/2023


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Whiteboard Of the Day

We have a fun triplet today with both gymnastics movements and moderate deadlifts.

Redundant movement patterns will fatigue the shoulders and triceps.

Shoot to finish sub 15:00, with push-ups and pull-ups in 3 sets or less and a deadlift load that feels light to moderate.

We’ll use the warm-up time to dial in mechanics and find the best scaling options to allow you to hit today’s stimulus.

Then, we’ll round out class with additional core work to really finish things off.

Skill Of the Day

3 rounds for time:
30 push-ups
20 kipping pull-ups
10 deadlifts (135/185 lb)

Accessory Of the Day

4 sets:
10 V-ups
10 supine toe touches
10 lying leg raises
– Rest :30-1:00.

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