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October 23, 2020

Friday 10/23/2020

Stay Tuned For Announcement On our New & Improved Nutrition Program!
"Train like an athlete, Eat like an athlete, Look like an athlete!"

Tent WODs
Tuesday & Thursday 4:30pm
Weather Permitting

Workout Of the Day 

Strength Of the Day

Power Snatch:
In 10 minutes work up to a single heavy repetition. Then de-load to *approximately 75%* of that weight or *take 10 pounds off*, and perform 10 single reps focusing on technique to create speed, and speed to create power, and power to make the lift easy.
*Coach will help determine if you should reload to 75% or subtract 10#s if you are not sure*

Metcon Of the Day

50 DU
25 KBS
15 Box Jump

Post Times, Loads, and Words of Wisdom to Comments

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