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October 19, 2023

Friday 10/20/2023

12noon Sunday
while we have 3 hours set aside the talk will take less than 1 hour BUT I want to have time to answer all questions and show how to make a plan to accomplish those goals and didn't want anyone to feel rushed. you do not need to stay for 3 hours. the talk is not 3 hour but there is a big window to ask question!

Up Coming Gym Events

October 22 (Sunday)
Gym Talk: "Getting Results In Fitness"
12noon to 3pm
November 18 (Saturday 6-?)
Our Biggest Event Every Year!

Whiteboard Of the Day

We’ve got a fun, fast couplet today!

Your total time should not exceed 12:00 with the lunges done sub 1:30 and the toes-to-bar reps done sub 2:00 every round. Scale accordingly to meet this stimulus.

We’ll make sure everyone has an appropriate scaling option to be able to complete at least the first 2 rounds of toes-to-bars in 5 sets or fewer.

The lunges offer a great opportunity to develop the skill of pushing the pace when uncomfortable. You can always lunge a little faster than you think. Go for it today.

Before the workout, we’ll develop some extra glute strength and stability with DB step-up work.

Accessory Of the Day

Every 3:00 for 4 sets:
6 left-leg DB step-ups (20/24 in)
6 right-leg DB step-ups
– Use on DB held at the shoulder.
– Build in load as desired.

Metcon Of the Day

4 rounds for time:
30 walking lunge steps
25 toes-to-bars

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