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July 21, 2023

Friday 07/21/2023

No Friday Lunch WOD
As some of you know, I will be traveling for the next few days, classes will remain on schedule with a single exception. There will be no noon workout tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

Stimulus Of the Day

Practice technique and develop capacity in this technical lift.

Heavy load relative to each athlete's capacity. Begin the first set relatively light and build for as many sets as possible. Today may be an opportunity for athletes to hit a new PR.

Athletes will perform one set every 2:00. This should allow for at least 1:30 of rest before the next lift.

Whiteboard Of the Day

Today is an opportunity to improve your snatch and test your current 1-rep max while dialing in technique.

The loading should be heavy, and each lift should require your complete focus.

You will perform a new lift every 2:00 allowing for at least 1:30 of rest between each. If you feel like you are ready for your next lift after :30 of rest, go heavier.

If you struggle to receive the barbell in a lower overhead position, focus your warm-up on getting more comfortable in a lower position. This receiving position takes time and practice, and today is a great opportunity to get better. Resist the urge to add more weight and return to old habits.

Strength Of the Day

For load:
Every 2:00 for 10 sets:
1 snatch

Metcon Of the Day

For Time or Distance [20]
3k Row**
**Every 2min
2 Deadlifts
2 Burpees over bar

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