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May 5, 2023

Friday 05/05/2023

Workout Of the Day

Stimulus Of The Day

Double-unders in 1:00 or less.

2-3 rounds of the push jerks unbroken.

"Sneaky redundancy" between jumping with the rope and jumping with the barbell.

Whiteboard Of the Day

This heavy couplet can be distilled down to “light” jumping at high volume and “heavy” jumping at low volume.

The combination of double-unders and heavy push jerks has a tendency to pull athletes into the toes when working with the barbells.

You’ll need to have the strength to maintain unbroken sets for 2-3 rounds, and emphasizing keeping weight back in the heels will be critical to that task.

This workout is a sprint, so the double-unders should be reduced in volume or scaled to single-unders to prioritize speed.

We also want to see fast transitions, but smooth reps with the bar. This means picking it up quickly, but having a load that can be held overhead and at the shoulder for short rest breaks between reps.

Strength Of the Day

4 sets for load:
6 back-rack step-back lunges each leg

Strength Of the Day

5 rounds for time:
55 double-unders
5 push jerks

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