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Coach Jerry


May 2, 2024

FRIDAY 05/03/2024

As we head into a new week, let's use this fresh start as an opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether you're aiming to increase your strength, improve your endurance, or work towards a specific goal, remind yourself that consistency is key. Each time you show up this week brings you one step closer towards becoming the best version of yourself. Stay focused on your goals and allow those to keep you motivated when this week's fatigue and busyness comes. Tackle this week with determination and positivity knowing that your hard work will pay off! Let's crush each workout this week and make it the strongest one yet!

Up Coming Gym Events

Open Gym Times this Week - Saturday 8am-noon | Sunday 1-3pm
Memorial Day Murph 5/27

Whiteboard of the Day

Today, you'll partner up and push each other to get as many rounds as possible of a fun triplet.

Shoot for 4 or more rounds, with faster pairs gunning for 6 or more.

Choose a challenging kettlebell load, but ensure you can finish each set of 24 in no more than 2 sets.

Plan to share the handstand push-ups, breaking them into no more than 3 sets every round.

Choose a farmers carry load that requires no more than 3 sets every round.

We'll take ample time to review and practice the handstand push-up and find scaling options before the workout. Ensure you can control the descent in order to perform this movement in the workout.

Today's a great opportunity to move fast, communicate clearly, and transition quickly.


AMRAP 24 with a partner:

24 Russian Kettlebell Swings (53/70 lb)

12 Handstand Push-Ups

200-m Farmers Carry

- Share work load as desired.

- Use two KBs for the farmers carry; go out together and trade as needed.

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